Effects of Using Interactive Whiteboards for Teaching

Over the last few years, Interactive whiteboards are becoming more common in the instruction fields. Use of the whiteboards seems to be about a growth but do they make any difference in the classroom? Interactive whiteboards are and a user controls what the board screens using the computer. They can be wall mounted whiteboards or a floor stand can also support them. The whiteboards have accessories which with what it is showing a presenter and audience can use to interact.Many Teachers have embraced the usage of these whiteboards with open arms they may be made available. Their impact on student achievement compared to boards has been determined through research. A study conducted on the whiteboards revealed that there is a 16 percentile improvement in student performance once the boards are used. The whiteboards still have shortcomings in comparison to wall mounted whiteboards like inability of some students to keep up with the speed at which information on the board is currently changing.

Teachers who have shifted from using whiteboards have seen the impact the interactive whiteboards have had on pupils. Their teaching styles have changed to have pupils and this makes it much easier to excite students’ interest and engage their participation. Interactive whiteboards have benefits in areas requiring visual presentation of information like biology and crafts, arts, architecture and others.The use of whiteboards in teaching wants to be a mainstream activity partly costs and a learning curve that many educators are not ready to take care of. According to researchers, teachers which can be in a position to use whiteboards for teaching are those that have used them. Most teachers are better off if they used wall mounted whiteboards for their own lessons.

According to some, it does not matter whether glass whiteboards, interactive whiteboards or standard whiteboards are utilized to teach; a fantastic teacher can use several media to provide information and engage pupils’ involvement while focusing on the material rather than how it is presented or the technologies. The flexibility of an interactive¬† lousa branca is tricky to overcome with presentation methods the case for their adoption in institutions and schools.Interactive Wall mounted whiteboards are parts of gear and they can overwhelm even the best of teachers. The ability of a teacher to break lessons down into pieces of information prior to preparing and organizing flipcharts is the element that determines whether the whiteboard can be used in a classroom environment. There isa quantity of information that ought to be contained in one page of a chart. Information that is too much or too little will interrupt the learning process and it might cause.

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