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Chakram is an extremely beautiful movie that everyone must watch without fail. It’s beautiful because it’s selfless, lovely and emotional. It’s the story of chakram who is forgeine return and wants to do good deeds in india. Later story takes a huge turn. Find out what happens to chackram by watching this movie. Watch chakram movie online on aha.Enjoy life like it doesnt come tomorrow. Live laugh love! That about the movie. Live at the fullest and enjoy every bit.


It’s the story of chakram who comes back to india after completing his medical graduation. He wants to open a huge hospital in Pulivendula, his native place. He wants to serve his village with the best medical facilities with the help of his friends. His parents are very kind and sweet. They have been supporting me in each and every moment. He falls in love with Lakshmi while doing graduation. They want to get married. One fine both the parents accept but chakram escapes from his wedding platform saying he doesn’t love her anymore. Lakshmi doesn’t believe in it. She suspects that there must be some other reason. But these people can’t find him. He comes to Hyderabad to Saraha colony to take a room rent in an old soldier home. He lives with him and gets close to all the colony people. At the same time he will be close enough to Lakshmi who lives in the same colony. She falls for him and starts to imagine life with him. The story moves on as their parentschakram home. Will he fulfill his dream? What was the actual reason for him to elope from home. To know all of these, watch chakram movie online.

Technical Aspects:

  • All of us once as a child sang chakram songs on republic and independence day. Music has been that famous and been a super hit.
  • This movie is a super hit for a reason and it’s the story! An insanely lovely story. You will not forget the basic morals that this movie has taught.
  • It’s just love how this movie moves on in a flow without any disturbance or interruption.
  • This movie has good morals and teaches you the ideal way to live life with any marks.


Artist Performance:

  • Prabhas, our rebel star was extremely handsome. He was charming and a person that we would carve to watch him on screen,
  • Asin was beautiful, her eyes talk about everything that she wants to express, well acted and well done in the movie.
  • Charmy Kaur is a fun bubbly girl in real life and in movies too.

Cast and Crew:

Director: Krishna Vamsi

Producer: Venkatraju, Sivaraju

Writer: Krishna Vamsi

Actor: Prabhas

Actress: Asin, Charmy Kaur

Other Actors: Prakash Raj

Music Director: Chakri

Cinematographer: Ram Prasad

More Information:

Release date: 25 March 2005

Running time  : 150 minutes

Genre: Drama

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